It’s a Wonderful Life

— 2009


This was a commission from the brilliant musicians in Sparklehorse, who supply the score. Rather, the whole this short is a film – not a rock video – inspired by the music of Sparklehorse. The group commissioned filmmakers to shoot the entirety of their album Good Morning, Spider, and thanks to friend Garine Torossian, I was recommended as a director. I ended up shooting a little episode from “Gaslight,” a short story by French Symbolist Auguste Villers de l’Isle-Adam. I hoped to transplant this episode into my future feature Keyhole. My plan to make a secret feature, a process hiding in plain sight, by Frankensteining together films I’d been screening in public for years, was just starting to take shape. What a fool I was! My good friend Michael Powell supplied the paintings that revolve on the playground Lazy Susan. Edited by Deco Dawson.


Megan Basaraba, Erika Best, Erin Ershberg