Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair

— 2009


Isabella Rossellini and I made this little movie in two different cities simultaneously. While she directed herself in Brooklyn, aided by her Green Porno producer Rick Gilbert and production designer Andy Byers, I shot in Winnipeg with my producer Lindsay Hamel serving as Isabella’s body double. We shot this episode intending to use it in my feature film Keyhole, which I had hoped, in the face of money privations, to Frankenstein together using as many short films as I could shoot using the then-plentiful short film commissions for which I received regular small sums: Glorious, Night Mayor, It’s a Wonderful Life, and whatever others might come down the pike in the future. But when enough financing came through for Keyhole I chucked the shorts from my plans and started from scratch. It was Jason Patric who ended up getting the mercy seat in the full-length movie. Diagrams by Keyhole production designer Richardo Alms.


Isabella Rossellini, Darcy Fehr, Brent Neale