The Heart of the World

— 2000


The first of my films made with turn of the century partner Deco Dawson. Feature-length Dracula was the next. Our collaboration came about as a most pleasant surprise. I’d always hired writers to diarize my shoots, but Deco was such a great super 8 mm shooter I asked him to chronicle my shoot with his camera. I ended up liking his footage better than my own! Besides, I frequently failed to notice when my 16 mm camera was out of film so only Deco’s camera got some of the shots I had storyboard and directed. We edited our respective gauges side by side in my porch, then he made a final screw-tightening pass with me in Regina, where we had driven to use an optical printer. This most important piece of equipment trapped into the 35 mm neg the scratches, lint, tape and crayon marks of our work print! To this day this is the only film that turned out exactly as I planned it.


Leslie Bais, Caelum Vatnsdal, Shaun Balbar